Maintaining the collection

Public Art Maintenance Project

The PSPAC has contracted with The Art Collective to survey and clean and the city’s public art collection. Part of the PSPAC’s mission is maintenance of the city’s public art collection. There are over 75 pieces in the city’s collection, ranging from outdoor sculpture, installations at the Palm Springs Airport, murals and to art that is on loan to the city.

Our first step, in instituting an ongoing maintenance program, is the current survey and cleaning of the collection. Once the survey and cleaning of the collection is complete, a plan will be developed for its ongoing maintenance, necessary repairs and possible re-siting.

With most of the collection installed outdoors, much of cleaning revolves around dust and grime, residue from irrigation, bird guano, gum and other environmental factors.

Restoration issues in the collection arise from our harsh environment, age, graffiti and the original siting of art. Over the past few years, we have taken these issues into account in approving new pieces of public art. The city’s collection of public art is over 30 years old and we are planning on the preservation of the collection for the decades to come.

Young Basketmaker, Doug Hyde, installation 2015
See how cleaning and waxing preserve the patina of this bronze sculpture.

Art Collective - Maintenance
Art Collective - Maintenance