2018/2019 Season Projects

Building upon the Commission’s work in 2017/2018 with “Imagine Art Here”, this season became a year of “Art is Here” in celebration of the Commission’s 30th year.

The Graffiti Yard

Organized by Public Arts Commissioner, Russell Pritchard. Flat Black Art Shop was commissioned to curate and manage the Graffiti Yard project located behind West Elm. Graffiti serves as a way to decorate and engage the community at this reimagined site.

Located Downtown

Graffiti Park in Palm Springs

“Felt Eye View of Palm Springs” by Sarah Scheideman

“A Felt-Eye View of Palm Springs” by Sarah Scheideman, an idea conceived by Commissioner Tracy Merrigan to create an interactive felt map of the city’s art collection to use throughout the year for community engagement.

With this brief in mind, Sarah Scheideman was commissioned to create a piece of art that would be engaging, accessible, interactive and made of felt.


Soon to be located at the Palm Springs International Airport

“Line Segments” by Ryan Campbell

“Line Segments”, Palm Springs 2019. Ryan Campbell was commissioned by the Palm Springs Public Arts Commission to activate the new Downtown projects with a mural. Commissioner, Russell Pritchard, coordinated this project and its inclusion as a Desert X Parallel Project.

Film by @visualcache

Located Downtown

Public Art Masterclass 2019

The Public Art Masterclass is led by Palm Springs Public Arts Commission Co-Chair Tracy Merrigan and artist Sarah Scheideman. Together they educate the Palm Springs High School Art 2 class on what is Public Art, demonstrate examples from around the world, in the neighborhood and ultimately inspire the students to create their own.

Students then design their own piece of public art and showcase their talents at a local art exhibition hosted by the PSPAC. Our goal is to one day commission a student piece for installation on the High School campus.

“MOMENT MOVEMENT CHANGE” by Michael Birnberg

Michael Birnberg was commissioned by the City of Palm Springs Public Arts Commission to create an outdoor sculpture to represent the great change our community has been facing.

Located at the Desert Art Center