“Making Art Public” Series

“MAKING ART PUBLIC” is our first series of Artist Talks hosted by PS Public Arts Commissioner Shawnda Thomas Faveau!
Our goal with this series is to use this space to amplify local artists’ voices and share resources for artists.

“Making Art Public” with Tysen Knight

“Things can turn around, we can’t always fight ignorance with ignorance… But we can’t let people push us over either…Finding that fine line where that you don’t let people treat you unjust and at the same time ….You don’t want to treat ignorance with ignorance where our message gets lost.” – Tysen Knight

“Making Art Public” with artist Marconi Calindas-Cafege

“Fortunately, I kinda stood out a little bit because of my passion and advocacy for the LGBT community. That became my subject for my art. So from equality to bullying to marriage equality, that’s what I created.” – Marconi Calindas-Cafege

“Making Art Public” with artist Mister Alek

“I try to focus on community leaders and people that influence me and influence others, people that can relate to the community, and people that have done good things in life.”
– Mister Alek

“Making Art Public” with artist Bernard Hoyes – Part 1

“It was a fortunate thing for me being an artist; being an artist you have an artist sensibility, a sense of purpose and directness, so in that regard, I was always pointed in the direction of doing good.” – Bernard Hoyes

“Making Art Public” with artist Bernard Hoyes – Part 2

“Being an artist you have to be open, it’s a practice…that you create new skills for your skill sets” – Bernard Hoyes

“Making Art Public” with artist Karen Barone

“Making Art Public” with artist Jev Pic

“Making Art Public” with artist Philip Lunchbag

“Making Art Public” with artist Patrick Sheehan