The Imperfect Artist (TIA)

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

I am a self-taught artist, photographer and writer, My canvas work is what I call Modern Folk art with strong  Surreal leanings I enjoy creating thought provoking works. I like to use recycled materials when I create art. I use  mistake paint from Lowes and Home Depot when I create canvases I also like to use recycled material in my other works. I enjoy making unique pieces of jewelry with repurposed material as well as using repurposed materials to create larger pieces as well. I have been creating art for 50 plus years.
I moved with my husband from South Lake Tahoe where we ran an Inn for two years. We have live in South Palm Springs fourteen (14) years. We have four dogs and we run a  digital marketing and advertise firm called Dog Pound Marketing. We have a golf cart that has been equipped  with two screens on the side of the golf cart and drive up and down the uptown and downtown Palm Springs corridors with Music playing and all four of our dogs on the golf cart  broadcasting positive messages announcements as well as marketing businesses, events, organizations, real estate listing, stage shows and plays. We also use social media to market our customers as well.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I am interested in creating a piece that would be seen by people around town.