Susan Gresto

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

Artist Susan Gresto, a life-long resident of Southern California, finds the mystery and beauty of the desert a constant source of inspiration and energy because of its unique landmarks and vibrant people. Gresto’s work has been exhibited and sold in venues such as the Palm Springs Art Museum Store, University of California Riverside, the Community Gallery at Palm Desert City Hall, Indio Senior Center, and CREATE Center for the Arts in Palm Desert.  Beyond her work in the studio, it brings her great joy to mentor students, support community art programs at CREATE Center for the Arts, and serve as a docent at the Palm Springs Art Museum.


My aim is to project a hope for the extraordinary possibility in life. Guiding my creativity is the desire to break through the constraints of pretense, relating with honesty and courage, ultimately sharing the discoveries and beauty which emerge from imperfection and even loss in life.  My artistry is fueled by faith and provides a space for reflection, revival, and hope for new things.  Working expressively and boldy, I reference the color and visual impact of pop and graphic art through traditional and digital media. Often, I reflect and challenge historical artists yet present my subject matter from a contemporary perspective.  I believe art has the ability to inspire and revive, therefore, I seek to share the rewards I have received through creative practice and exchange with others.  Art is a connective force throughout time and has the power to open minds and hearts so that we all may grow to be more hopeful, more compassionate, and more understanding of ourselves and one another.  This, I value deeply.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I have been a volunteer in the community and schools for the past 30 years, mostly using my creative skills in art-related projects, non-profit administration and event-planning.  More recently, I volunteer at CREATE Center for the Arts in Palm Desert and as a docent for school children at the Palm Springs Art Museum.  In recent years, I have studied art and obtained an art degree at Fullerton College.   I  am particularly interested in working with and supporting the goals of high school and college age students. A public art project that resonates with me would focus on collaboration and inclusion of many “hands” in our community, so residents could point to and be proud of a project that they contributed to.  I have done window painting which I think dovetails with mural work, as well.