Rose Cefalu

Joshua Tree, CA

Artist Bio

The “blue prints” are part of an ongoing series dedicated  to my love of the desert landscape and the cyanotype process. The unusual Joshua Trees trees paired with the vintage process allow this unique handmade view of the natural landscape. The process is done by creating a light sensitive emulsion to cold press water color paper and contact printing an enlarged negative onto the surface. In conjunction also creating photograms with this process where I am contact printing pieces of high desert nature to the emulsion.  The process includes harnessing the suns power as the images are left in the UV light to develop and rinsed with water to clear the image.

Every day  you can find Rose Cefalu obsessing over her iPhone photos and over-posting on Instagram @joshuatreedesertrose and @rosecefaluphoto. In her spare time she thinks about traveling, printing imagery, making candles, and mixing new colors. In 2019 Rose launched a cyanotype workshop to get her “ hands dirty” again and reintroduce this vintage art form to a new audience interested in becoming skilled with alternative photographic processes. She is also producing award-winning content at a variety of outlets. Currently Rose is the Photography Director at Emmy magazine and you can find her work at

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I work in a medium fueled by the sun so it makes sense to make it a public art piece. The sun is a vehicle we all enjoy in Palm Springs and look forward to the warm weather and bright days. My process of making cyanotypes (AKA Sunprints) is one where the power of the sun is harnessed and imprinted onto sensitized paper and/or fabric.