Ronald Del Cid

Pomona, CA

Artist Bio

Hello my name is Ronald Del Cid, painting murals is a passion of mine. I love to be in the weather, hot, cold, rain, windy, any weather, and absorbing the environment while I paint. I originally got my influence through Graffiti Art, doing graffiti for so many years, throughout my teenage years, and as an adult, networking, navigating through many different cities painting with many different Graffiti Crews. I also have been doing murals and paintings throughout the same time frame while I was doing Graffiti. While painting in L.A I got to see many different style of murals. My favorite that has stuck with me has been many of the East Los Angeles Murals. Long story short, I love combining styles of art, and my style, and showing through the process and mediums, the variety of art mediums which are the stories of my life with art.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I have been painting Graffiti, murals, airbrush and combining all of them to create murals all throughout LA, Riverside County. I enjoy the public viewers viewing my artwork.