Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

My name is Robert (Robi) Guillen Jr.  Originally born in Pomona, California. I now reside in Palm Springs and sign my work with the nickname that was given to me by my granmama, under the artist name Robi. I have found inspiration in the many places I have been blessed to visit and live, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, New Orleans.  The different life experiences I have encountered along the way have also had a hand influencing the work that I do.  I create art because it dwells within me and soothes me as a wonderful form of therapy and absolute freedom of expression.  I feel drawn to fulfill this continuous need through color and the female form channeled through a surrealist lens.  I feel safe and complete with all forms of creative endeavors.  I love metallics most of all, everything shining as it produces a potent level of luminosity and multi hued properties playing on canvas in harmony with one another.  I specialize in acrylic medium on canvas and I focus on the Female Mystique.  I find this most intriguing.  I also enjoy working with sketching and watercolor as well.

My personal style as best as I know how to describe is Surreal Fantasy.  I am motivated by such artists as Olivia De Berardinis, Michael Parkes, Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, different comic stylings, and femme fatale figures.  I have been sketching, drawing, painting pretty much all my life, but have been more about the business of painting since 2006 while attending Imperial Valley College.  The art classes that I was involved in came at a time when I was coming out of a serious bout with health issues and saw me through as a touchstone after my father passed away in 2008.  My favorite artist is Alex Grey, I’ve always been astounded by the metaphysical geometry and transcendent mastery of his work.

I have been involved with many different art venues, my contributions have not always been solely as a contributing artist, but find myself always drawn in to some capacity.  All of the art centers, galleries, art walks, and studios that I have had the opportunity to be a part of showing my work have been the most comforting and soothing to my soul.  I thoroughly enjoy engaging with people in artistic environments, but to be able to talk to them about my work is even more deliciously pleasing.  I wish to be more involved, which has brought me to right here, right now in reaching out to you for this amazing opportunity.

My work has been shown at the following venues/establishments/institutions
Imperial Valley College, Imperial CA
The dA Center for the Arts, Pomona, CA
Brawley First Fridays Art Walk, Brawley, CA
Thumb Print Gallery, San Diego, CA
Steven Baumbach Photography Studio, Palm Springs, CA

My greatest hope when people encounter my work is to be inspired, enthralled, transported, uplifted, and positively encouraged to perhaps remember what gifts are inside of them that they can share with the world as well.  I know how it feels to BE inspired, it is a great lasting impression, art has always had the power to invoke the power of positivity and transformation.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I have shown while in attendance At Imperial Valley College, The dA Art Center downtown Pomona, Brawley First Fridays Art Walk, Thumb Print Gallery,  Steven Baumbach Photography Studio “Art of Pride”