R Mendre

Las Vegas, NV

Artist Bio

R Mendre  (b. Buffalo, NY,  1967) is an American sculptor. Mendre draws inspiration from his love of the desert,  Vintage Las Vegas, and Palm Springs. From his home in the historic John S. Park neighborhood in Downtown Las Vegas, R Mendre has spent many years nurturing a cactus collection, building a greenhouse, and cultivating his cactus gardens which are tiered with recycled concrete and steel. The combination of his attraction to mid-century modern art and antiques, and design inspiration from old Vegas and frequent trips to Palm Springs, led Mendre to begin crafting his impactful outdoor art. In 2014, Mendre won 1st Place  in the Southern Nevada Water Authority Landscape Awards. His work can be found scattered throughout the southwest.  Besides having designed bike racks for the City of Las Vegas, Mendre was awarded four sculptures for the City of Las Vegas Contemporary Arts Program, three of which are now part of the City’s permanent collection.  Mendre’s early influences were brutalist art, science, and space. With sweeping lines, classic mid-mod forms, and a striking sense of balance, Mendre’s sculptures are both playful and powerful. From public art, totems, wall art and garden sculptures, each piece makes a statement, while blending in and complementing the space and landscape around it. Mendre has founded 101 Suns Project (501c3) to build sun sculptures for school garden classrooms in Clark County to give back to his community to keep art alive in schools.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

City of Las Vegas Contemporary Art Program; four installations, three of which are now part of permanent collection; Artistic Bike Racks, four designs; finalist for the City of Las Vegas Main Street Project,  3rd Street Linear Park Project, and the Art in the Alley Project. Founder and creator of 101 Suns Project 501(c)3, creating sun sculptures for community garden classrooms, ten schools so far in Las Vegas Valley. Contributions to Life is Beautiful Music Festival.