Paul Croce

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

Paul Croce is a Palm Springs resident and devotee. He and his husband fell in love with the city during countless weekend trips from Los Angeles over the years and after marrying here in 2011, the purchased a condo to be able to enjoy even more time. Captivated by the community and spirit of this beloved city, Paul started wandering through vintage shops inspired by the goods that were left behind or donated. Some of them were dirty or chipped, but a vision was born; the first bagful of glassware and dishes were purchased, washed and re-painted for a brand new life.

He began selling his up-cycled wares at vintage markets and the esteemed Mojave Flea. From there, his photography was commissioned for sale by Grace Home and he partnered with the boutique, Thick as Thieves to sell vintage neckwear. And the work continues to this day with photography, candles, jewelry and more… all touched by the inspiration of this iconic city.

The evening sky colors are what enchant him the most – the seamless blendings of pinks and orange as they transition into the lush blues of the night are enough to inspire hours of creation. He hopes to bring this vision into more of Palm Springs with the traffic box project and beyond.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

Since 2016, I have been working steadily at my social media project called PS I Found You which celebrates the city of Palm Springs through art and vintage goods. I began the project with a goal to repurpose discarded vintage products through painting. Once I began selling these gifts (glassware, pottery), the project evolved as I caught the bug of selling at vintage sales. I fell in love with the sense of community and the joy of meeting people in Palm Springs who appreciated my work.   Since then, I have expanded my work into photography, candle making, jewelry and more, all with the goal of taking what has been cast aside and repurposing it for something else. Palm Springs is a city that defines timelessness – the charm, style and elegance are as fresh today as they were one hundred years ago. Which is why the city’s history is a part of everything I do.   I am driven by a love for painting to put my own spin on the colors and patterns that make Palm Springs such an iconic destination and would love to put that vision onto one of the traffic boxes in town as my next project.