Nancy Ocegueda

Morongo Valley, CA

Artist Bio

Nancy Ocegueda is an emerging artist that resides in Morongo Valley, CA. She has been creating art and discovering a sense of style for the past two years. As a first generation immigrant Nancy has navigated her way through assimilation, survival, and progression. Coming from parents with an elementary school education level Nancy has been taught to navigate the world through hard work. She has done so with service industry jobs like housekeeping, being a nanny, and cooking in restaurants. Nancy had been pulled towards her artistic tendencies until she decided to pursue them. Since then she is committed to making art as a career. In doing so Nancy is breaking a cycle of blue collar jobs and developing a sense of autonomy that goes beyond basic survival. Generations of survivors have paved the way for Nancy to recognize her ability to be an artist and in turn she is taking the opportunities that bring her closer to her goals.
Having recognized her desire and ability to become an artist in her early 30’s Nancy has gained the discipline and drive to bring her artistic career to fruition. Her acknowledgment of pursuit has helped her navigate her way through college, fund it, and gain recognition from her mentors, all of which were difficult tasks for a first generation college attendee. Despite hardship Nancy was able to graduate from College of the Desert with an A.A. in Studio Arts and will be attending the California State University of San Bernardino in the Fall of 2021.
As an artist Nancy is exploring mediums and methods that have historical presence in culture and social justice movements. Printmaking, zines, and the use of a blue ballpoint pen are historically rich and help create a sense of empowerment, visibility, and relatability. Nancy also seeks to use art for community work as she is a decision maker for a mutual aid that services the desert regions. Her community art work not only provides vital information but also makes it aesthetically pleasing for those viewing it. Art can create action and Nancy is honing that ability.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

My public art experience is in creating an altar for Raices’s Dia De Los Muertos event in Coachella, Ca. I was given a stipend to create an altar dedicated to those who have passed while attempting to cross the Mexico/U.S. border.