Lynda Keeler

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

My paintings and multi media artwork map my journeys and personal discoveries. Maps are my conduits for real or imaginary exploration while providing a sense of adventure and security.   Each artwork is a treasure hunt, wherein I can reveal changes to a neighborhood or intuitively chart a progression of colors and compositions.

Invisible Maps, a series of paintings and sculptures uses geographic mapping to highlight specific areas I’ve walked through and include allusions to architecture, street structure and signage.  I add in textures with collage elements, especially thread and textiles, to emphasize sections of the paintings. Shapes overlay each other with transparency and blurred edges suggesting shifting boundaries and borders. I draw inspiration from modernist artists such as Jean Arp, Alexander Calder and Constantin Brâncuși along with mid-century modern architecture and design.

Recently I’ve become interested in mapping geometric space which allows me to visualize the relationships between colors, compositions and symbols.  My newest series, Outcroppings features sculptures that resemble stacks of colorful often glittering rock formations that feel organic yet otherworldly.  I transform my neighborhood maps into tall totems that mimic the experience of walking through the desert landscape. These sculptures initially look unbalanced and fragile, but supported by tall steel rods, they become giant sentinels of the land.

A native Californian I’ve lived in the mountains, at the beach, in the desert and in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  The history, mythology, and culture of the state has fascinated and inspired me.

I’ve left the entertainment industry after many years and have been studying painting with local artists and at UCLA, Otis School of Art, Pasadena Art Center, Santa Monica College and City College.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

My paintings and sculptures reflect the environment I see on my daily walks.  I take these elements and create abstract maps that reference everything from swimming pools, front yard gardens, mid-century modern architecture and the geometries of streetscapes.  With a specific public art project I’m able to create artworks that will delight and inform public audiences about areas in Palm Springs that they may have seen numerous times but with my paintings and sculptures will see from a new perspective.