Luis Martin

Indio, CA

Artist Bio

Luis Martin/ The Art Engineer is a Collage artist, Podcaster and mystic. He creates with the “hustler’s” essence of his home base, New York City and keeps tuned in and inspired with his native California soul. Martin’s collage work along with his self appointed title of “The Art Engineer” give the artist  creative license to make art that extends from the studio via, painting, podcast, and writing.  All his channels of creation offer an abundance of possibility and empowerment.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I am an interdisciplinary artist with over 20 yrs art experience. I use collage to funnel my creative practice in painting, writing, and education.
If you don’t have public art experience, please describe your interest in a public art project.: I have created a pair of murals in brooklyn for the art festive Bushwick Open Studios in 2013 and collaborated with an elementary school in Los Angeles to create a public sculpture.