Tom Lowe

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

Tom Lowe manipulate textiles using mostly felt and silk, but also vinyl, leather and other materials.

Originally from New York, he studied fine arts and graphic design, moved to France after college, had his first solo exhibition of paintings, then moved to NYC, where he got sidetracked by a career in publishing design. He working as Designer, Art Director and Creative Director for magazines including InStyle, Life&Style, UsWeekly and Vibe. He also worked for a slew of start-ups specializing in iPad magazines and website design.

Although he has been working with textiles for over 10 years, he did not experiment full-time until moving to Palm Springs in May 2017.

His dimensional works are an amalgam of a very rigid graphic design mentality and free, loose, organic forms influenced by natural, repetitive patterns like the scales on a butterfly wing, or bark.

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What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I love public art but understand that it can be a highly subjective love/hate issue. I think excellent, clean, thoughtful design, and professional, high-quality execution is important for the success of public art projects.