Juliette Vos

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

I am a multidisciplinary visual artist who is  either plein air painting in the desert or studio in Palm Springs, CA.  I have spent my time developing a visual language to ask existential questions about how we  live now and how that relates to our past, to the stories both told and untold. I speak of the human relationships between us that cross cultural and geographic boundaries through out the history of humanity. I draw inspiration from the desert, a place of rare beauty. I marvel at  the colors in the rocks and minerals of the earth and the fossil shapes buried beneath. My work is inspired by the natural world, and all of its contradictions, its beauty and cruelty,  Its paradoxes and its contrasts. All of my work is my way of telling a story that hopes to create a visual conversation with the viewer. My work focuses on mixed media methods to reveal the unexpected with shapes, textures, and colors. I explore ways to break the boundaries of a two-dimensional surface by using a diverse range of techniques including canvas, paper, painted with acrylic, oil,and  mixed media.  I have been an artist for approximately 30 years having studied at Parson’s New School, Heatherly’s and Chelsea College of Art including countless workshops, etc.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I have created a public signage system for the Walter Anderson Museum and was invited to participate in d’Ohrs, a public art project for the George Ohr Museum.

I am interested in creating a mural or signage with spray paint or house paint  that would describe something of our lives in and around the desert, including local references both natural and human. I would also be interested in collaborating with other artists.