Jo Ana Adams

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Palm Springs, California, Jo Ana Adams found herself submersed in the art field at a young age. Her vision to impact and change the communities around her for the better causes her to dedicate a majority of her time to creating new pieces of work to share. With two AAs from Riverside City College in Social Behavior and Arts & Humanities along with finishing her BA in Fashion, Fibers, and Materials at CSU Los Angeles, Jo Ana continues to learn new skills and better her craft in order to put out high-quality pieces. Not only has God called her to be an artist, He has also called her to be of help to those around her and to impact the lives she may come across. Whether it be through teaching, creating, or even using her collegiate basketball experience, she is steadfast in helping influence the change she wants to see.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I am interested in this program because I see it as a great opportunity to use art to impact our city and change the overall experience people have in Palm Springs