Jessyca Frederick

La Quinta, CA

Artist Bio

Among other things, I am an artist. I’ve applied my creativity and problem-solving skills elsewhere for many years, but after all this time, I’ve come back to art — making it and promoting it.

When I started making art in college, it was because I couldn’t fathom the idea of taking four upper-division math classes (I was a math major, after all). I picked up art as a second major because something in me liked the idea and thought it would bring balance.

My professors genuinely encouraged me as best they could — they even invited me to participate in the department’s Honors Studio as a senior. I was not exactly a fully-formed human being yet and I didn’t have a reason for making art beyond “it’s my major” so while my early work is unique, it’s mostly devoid of any real meaning or expression beyond, “see what I can do?”

After graduating from UC San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts – Fine Art Studio, I basically went on a very long art sabbatical. I wasn’t exactly avoiding art. I was excited to learn about website development and I followed career opportunities as they presented themselves.

My subsequent path to making art has been serpentine. I picked up digital photography to learn composition quickly. That was effective. Next, I applied my creative side to the landscape and completed the Landscape Architecture certification at UCLA Extension. I didn’t feel I was a good personality fit for the field so I didn’t continue. Then, much like in college, it dawned on me — I wasn’t spending my limited time on this Earth doing something I find fulfilling. To be inspired, I joined private Facebook Groups for artists (painting, drawing, mosaics, metal clay, and more). After a long while, I finally found that inspiration I needed to go out and start making art again.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what my art should be about. I seem to inexorably drift toward nature — the colors, the plants, and the animals. I’m forever experimenting with styles and methods of getting paint on the canvas and so my style is constantly evolving.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I have no public art experience yet. My first piece will be my bench in the Main Street Benches project.