Jeff Pratt

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

I come from an engineering background. (I was a NASA Space Shuttle Engineer for 8 years). I attended Ringling College of Art where I majored in Graphic Design with an unofficial minor in Computer Animation. Worked at Pixar as an animator for their first 5 films. Taught animation for over 10 years in San Fran, London, and Sydney before relocating to Palm Springs. I took classes for Furniture Design at California College of Art in San Fran. Now I am focused mainly on Furniture Design but love all kinds of design and art projects.
Are you interested in the Palm Springs Public Art Community Grant Program? Community members may reach out to you regarding their proposal: I would love to contribute to public art effort in the Palm Springs Area.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

Built an 8 ft letter M for promotion purposes while at Ringling Art School. Rainbow yard gate for my residence here in Palm Springs.
If you don’t have public art experience, please describe your interest in a public art project.: I have always wanted to be involved in making public art ever since I was at Ringling College of Art. Designing something that would make the environment come to life and create a backdrop for people to enjoy would be so rewarding.