Grecia Avilez

Coachella, CA

Artist Bio

Grecia Avilez is a local artist from the Coachella Valley. She is a recent 2020 graduate from California State University of Fullerton, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts. Avilez has paintings of popular culture, portraits of friends, drawings exploring various ideas or themes like mental illness. She has participated in Raices Dia De los Muertos Event in 2019 where she created various paintings to put on display. Her work consists of traditional mediums such as acrylic paint, color pencil, ink and many other mediums. She is currently learning how to work digitally and would love to someday display public art and give back to her community.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I have always wanted to work on some sort of project for public art. Murals and paintings are what have always caught my interest ever since studying art.  The process, the size, and the materials are what have always interested me because it is not just painting or drawing on paper or canvas but the possibility of making something on a grander scale is awesome.