Gavin Dick

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Indiana. My mother has her masters degree in Fine Art for Indiana University and has been an interior designer my entire life. I grew up heavily involved in the arts in general. A couple of Scholastic Art Awards I received through my high school years landed me an art scholarship to college. After 2 semesters I dropped out and moved to New Mexico in pursuit of a career making artwork! With multiple clients and public facilities displaying my work through the state I moved back to Indiana to do the same. After a few years doing that I decided to move to lovely Palm Springs. Mainly working with past clients over the years and shipping my artwork to places. I believe now I am ready to further pursue my artistic abilities here in Palm Springs in hopes that others are uplifted, moved and inspired by the works I create.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I love the opportunity to be able to alter people’s perspective when it comes to the normally mundane.