Gabby B-Vasquez

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

Being born and raised in the Coachella Valley, I didn’t know much beyond the mountains. I moved to Los Angeles to attend FIDM’s Visual Communications program and pursue a career in the arts. After graduating and venturing into the world of fashion, I started climbing the ladder quickly, but began to experience a large amount of dissatisfaction. Although I was working on campaigns with larger companies, I realized that I enjoyed working on an individual project basis; translating creativity into goals for businesses and entrepreneurs. Three years ago, I took the leap and became a freelance marketing designer and I’ve never been more passionate about what I do. Painting murals not only brings art to communities, but statistically, it is beneficial for businesses. I’m a huge advocate for local business and entreprenuership.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I have been a working muralist for 3 years with works at Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles, the JW Marriott in Palm Desert, and at the Palm Springs Cultural Center.