Thousand Palms, CA

Artist Bio

Emmanuel “Manny” Doublin is an Artist raised in the Coachella Valley.  Emmanuel’s influences in art are a drawn primarily from his environment.  Emmanuel grew up in the local low-income areas of the Western Coachella Valley, where crime, addictions and Mental illness played a major role in familial and social circles.  Emmanuel’s art is his way of coping with the stressors in his life.  He found a love for the Human figure while pursuing a Studio Art degree at College of the Desert.  This passion for expressing his emotion through art has lead him to regularly attending a Life Drawing group formerly held at the Palm Springs Art Museum and now facilitated at the Create Center for the Arts in Palm Desert.  And on to creating oil paintings and other works using several different media.

Observing and creating works containing the human figure allows me to break free from the tangible while exploring properties within the figure that I can’t quite grasp. Questions come to mind, like what is it that holds this figure together? Beneath the flesh, the muscles that hold the figure upright and deeper still beneath the bones, what lies beneath? My curiosity has aroused a desire to draw the human figure. The process has managed to keep me entertained with the notion that I might actually be able to recapture my interpretation of the true human form, undisturbed or affected by its own biases, ideas or beliefs. I don’t want to take away from, but capture a moment with the form in front of me.

Reality or rational thought as I believe it, tells me that my questions, explorations and attempts are foolish which will ultimately prove fruitless. If this is true, then why is it that I continue searching? I search with nothing more than this burning desire for something other than that which I can physically grab a hold to. If thinking irrationally should produce no fruitful results, how is it that Inspiration grows? It’s kind of funny that this constant searching has accidentally lead me on to pick up a few skills along the way. Escaping the crude and vulgar tangibles of life, I push and pull with pencil and pad probing deeper into the human figure in search of something beautiful.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

Growing up I admired the art that was around me.  At the time, Graffiti art was most prominent in the area that I lived and places I most often visited.  Over the years I have managed to find my way into the Palms Springs art museum and on to the Create Center in Palm Desert.  This is where I met and began to associate with other artist, except this time in a more positive and social environment.  During meetings and classes at the Create Center, I met Susan Gresto who is such a positive and encouraging inspiration.  Watching Susan work through points in the process of her art work on a bench in my area has in a pleasant way revived the feeling I got when I saw my peers display their graffiti in public places.  Only now with the feeling that this is a way to express our art through-out the community without the risks of being labeled as a criminal or worse-prosecuted as one.