Charlotte Medina

Long Beach, CA

Artist Bio

Hello! My name is Charlotte and I love to draw and paint. I started doing art from a very young age and have taught children and teenagers during summer camps. I stopped for a while to study filmmaking and to work on learning digital and graphic design skills. In recent years, I decided to go back to traditional art by exploring watercolor and acrylic. Although the themes of my work vary across media, my goal is to express both in images and words the tender and powerful emotions that define the living experience. I seek to merge both my written and visual art by creating ethereal and colorful depictions that feel soulful. Often, I make them look vibrant by adding shiny touches ✨ I am amazed by the cosmic: at a macro and micro level! And I usually incorporate these elements into my paintings.

An image is always open to interpretation, yet ultimately, solely the author knows what their intention was behind creating a piece. It is virtually impossible to connect 100% with another being in order for them to feel exactly what one feels, so I have learned to discern my feelings to try and communicate them and my thoughts through words, phrases, songs, and essays.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I have painted utility boxes, assisted in murals for the international Pow Wow! festival, painted large signs for restaurants, and worked in film and theater doing scenic painting.