Mike Legg

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

Abandoned to the imagination of squalor and lunacy a young hip hop kid started living his life like jazz and doin art illegally regardless of the consequences, and the consequences were vast.Earning his stripes since 1992 and still counting…..he has expanded beyond the street fame and chaos and has  channelled the energy into permission walls, commission projects, clothing, canvas, digital work etc.He wakes up breathing art and fights that same sleep exhaling art as well.Very free spirited and does not take him self to seriously, he enjoys long walks off the deep end, music and putting his art on any and all surfaces.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I’ve been doing street art since 1992. Since then I’ve done countless public art installations, with and without permission, as well as commission art, apparel, canvas etc.