Anne Faith Nicholls

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

Anne Faith Nicholls is an American contemporary artist recognized for her Neosurrealistic paintings. Her work has been exhibited in museums, collections, galleries, publications and art fairs around the world, and she’s contributed to a variety of high profile commercial projects with renowned collaborators.

Often exploring the subconcious, her works are layered and mysterious, creating symbolic narratives on the human condition. She combines her classical training with ingenuity, design, and craftsmanship to create art in a variety of mediums, with her unique perspective ever-present. Inspired by wanderlust, history, nature, Surrealism and Folk Art, the artist’s work is both nostalgic and modern, handmade and iconic.

Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Anne Faith Nicholls was raised in The Pacific Northwest.  Eventually moving to California, she is an honored alumni of The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, where she spent the formative years of her art career.  After many years working in all facets of the art and design industries, and successful solo exhibitions with various galleries, she founded the former CURIO Studio & Collection, in Venice Beach, California, featuring a curated offering of original art, and attracting prominent collectors, patrons and press.

Based in Palm Springs & Los Angeles, California, Anne Faith Nicholls exhibits and collaborates with creative partners around the world, and her works can be acquired at several fine galleries and art fairs throughout the United States.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

Artist Anne Faith Nicholls has experience and future interest in public arts projects including murals, installations, exhibitions, workshops, curating, teaching, lecturing, media relations, museum development, airport development, and community outreach. Especially interested in projects highlighting diversity, equal representation and inclusion.