Anne Bedrick

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

My childhood friend and I used to try to write and draw with a pencil held between our toes.

I remember the sense of challenge and wonder that I found in that work.

I don’t work with my toes anymore, but I approach my work with the same sense of adventure, allowing myself to be fully absorbed and watching myself discover possibilities.

Initially, I activate each canvas with energetic charcoal lines and expressive smudges, traces of which can often be found in the finished work. Having no preconceptions about where a painting will end up, the canvas speaks to me, telling me to simplify this area or energize that one.

As I build layers and pare them back down, colors consort and negotiate for space.

Each new layer and mark reflects the emotions and experiences of the moment in which it was created, giving voice to inner truths. At times I am fearless, risking losing the beautiful marks and color passages that occurred early on to allow the painting take on the depth and richness of a more surprising conclusion.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?