Allen Triplett

Palm Springs, CA

Artist Bio

My name is Allen R Triplett (ART) I became an Artist when i was young, art got me through all the hardships of my upbringing and now i want to be able to learn everything there is so that some day i can pass the torch to the next generation of children that might be struggling with life and need a positive outlet for their creativity. My plans for my art career will not fail but the more exposure i give myself the faster i can help afford art supplies for children learning art! While attending college of the desert i received a scholarship that opened the door to supplies that i could not afford otherwise, since then i have attacked art full force and have developed tremendously. some day my art will be able to do the same as nancy bacon’s art did for me.

What kind of public art project do I want to work on?

I have assisted on a mural in palm springs and have done solo painting for public painting events such as synergyfest 2019 my painting style is derived from synesthesia which is an auditory response to music. my goal is to meet other creatives in the area and become more versed in murals and other events! I would love nothing more than to be an apprentice on public art projects and some day have my own spaces to paint!